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Breast Implant + Breast Uplift

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Breast Implant (Augmentation Mammoplasty), Breast Uplift (Mastopexy)  operations package comes with 9 Nights Stay and FREE Return Flight. 


Breast Implant / Enlargement



The motives and reasons for considering the breast augmentation may vary, yet, the desire to promote the feeling of self-improvement mostly acts as an overriding drive for breast augmentation operations. 

The Nature of Breast Implants

* shell surface (smooth versus textured)

* shape (round or anatomical shaped)

* profile (low, moderate or high)

* volume (size)


Placement of the Breast Implants

* Subglandular

* Subpectoral

* Fully Submuscular



* Transaxillary (armpit or axillary incision

* Peri-areolar ("nipple incision" or "areola incision")

* Inframammary Fold (commonly referred to as the crease incision)

* Abdominal (if abdominoplasty procedure is performed at the same time)

REVITALIZEINTURKEY surgeons are mostly prefer to perform the breast implant operation with 'Inframamary fold' (breast crease) incision, which has less trauma, less complications, less visible scar line and quicker healing.

Silicone Gel Implants

Silicon is the second most abundant element on earth, next to oxygen. Silicones are actually a family of chemical compounds. They are made of silicon, which is a naturally occurring element found in sand, quartz, and rock. When silicon is mixed with oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon, it becomes silicone. Silicone can be made in a variety of forms. Low molecular weight silicones form oils. Middle molecular weight forms gels, and high molecular weight forms elastomers and rubbers. Silicone is found in many other types of implants, such as facial implants, artificial joints, drainage systems, etc. The silicone gel breast implants of today quite different than they were years ago. The early silicone gel breast implants had thick shells containing thick gels. These thick shells were replaces in the 70's and 80's with thinner shells. Silicone implants are found to be more durable and resistant against any leakage and rupturing.


What Make of Implants We Use ?

We only use the American Federal Drug Registered Implants: (Mentor and Allergan Implants) which come with a lifetime guarantee.

Please click on the link below to visit the official web page of Mentor Corp.


Breast Uplift



The best candidates for breast uplift operation are the ones who lost the firmess of their skin due to breastfeeding, pregnancies, weight-loss or aging. Depending on the extent of the sagginess and the excess skin tissue, the right incision pattern is utilized to retrieve the firmness and perkiness of the breasts. Namely, there are two incision methods being utilized (Inverted "T' incision and "Periolar" incision). The inverted "T" incision involves placing the incision around the circumference of the areola which is connected with the verticular incision that lies on the frotal facade of the breasts. The other incision placed on the breast crease is joined with this verticular incision. The excess skin that remains within the territory of the incision is reduced and the nipple is pointed positioned upwards to achieve a perkier look. With patients who have small degree of sagginess, periolar incision could be a viable option as opposed to the "inverted "T" shaped incision". Periolar incision stands as a limited incision that involves removing excess skin around the areola only. The decision to choose the right technique of operation rests on the anatomy of the patient and the degree of sagginess.


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