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Cheek Implants

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In some people the mid face area is not as fully developed as desirable. This underdevelopment can lead to a number of problems including:


1. a downward slant to the eyelids with a lower position of

2. the lid margin

3. that are more rounded than normal

4. lower lid eye bags that develop earlier than usual

5. an overall flatter, poorly defined appearance to the face

6. an early appearance of lines leading from the nose to the corners of the mouth (naso-lablial folds)


Occasionally the problem is more extensive, involving the upper jawbone and affecting the way the jaws fit together. These situations require more extensive intervention. However, in most cases dental occlusion is good and a cosmetic approach can improve the definition of the cheek area while providing better support for the lower lids. This approach, called Malar Augmentation - Cheek Augmentation with Implant-, most often relies on synthetic implants.


Cheek augmentation (malarplasty) consists of adding volume to either the malar or submalar space or a combination of these to compensate for osseous and soft-tissue deficiencies and to elevate the cheek subcutaneous tissues. Specifically, submalar implants are positioned over the anterior walls of the maxilla. On the other hand, malar implants are positioned over the malar eminences and zygomatic bones in a more superior and lateral position. 


The Cheek Augmentation procedures are either performed on their own, via an incision in the mouth, or placed via a facelift incision. The malar prosthese are customized according to the exact aesthetic appearance that is desired. Cheek Augmentation highlights the prominence of the cheekbones and can aid in attaining a youthful look for the aging face.


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