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Cheek Implants

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1. The Operation


The surgeon makes a small incision near where the implant will be placed. The incision is made either in the crease under your lower eyelashes or inside the mouth where your gums and lips meet. Then, the surgeon creates a pocket in the facial tissue. The implant is inserted and sometimes stitched to more solid internal facial features that lie deeper in the skull. Then, the incision is closed, often with one stitched. The procedure usually takes 45 minutes to an hour and a half. It is commonly performed alone or in combination with forehead, eyelid, facelift, nasal or chin surgery. Sometimes, cheek implants are designed for reconstructive or rejuvenation. When the most common implant, silicone rubber, is used, supportive tissue eventually forms around the implant after a few weeks. Once fully healed, the implant feels like your normal underlying bone structure


2. Anesthesia


General anaesthesia


3. Length of Surgery


1-2 hours


4. Length of Stay in the Hospital


1 day


5. Bruises


Sometimes bruises may occur at the surgical site.


6. Scars


No scars are involved in this operation.


7. Swelling


Swelling will occur due to edema formation


8. Discomfort


If lower eyelash incision is used you may feel uncomfortable due to edema formation around your eyes


9. Incisions


Intraoral incisions are used


10. Stitches


Absorbable stitches are used


11. Bandages


Compressive bandages may be useful in order to reduce edema


12. Numbness


Temporary numbness may occur at the surgical site


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