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Dental Implants

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Implants, the small titanium bodies are artificial high-tech tooth roots that become part of the jaw. They are as firm as if they were part of you and provide a stable base for:

+ single-tooth crowns
+ larger bridges
+ dentures

Dental implants for single tooth gaps

Anyone can loose a tooth. Implants resolve this problem naturally and invisibly. The dentist inserts the small high-tech root at the position where the natural tooth was in the jaw. A temporary restoration closes the gap until the implant is healed. Then the final tooth crown is fixed in place permanently. With the new root it is fixed firmly in the jaw and feels identical to your natural teeth.

Conventional Bridge or Dental Implant ?

As an alternative the missing tooth can generally be replaced with a fixed bridge. Health teeth must be ground down to fix the bridge in place. And this means the teeth that are on the left and right of the gap. They act as bridge abutments. The denture is fixed to the bridge with the aid of crowns. The pontic that closes the gap is between the crowns. It is close enough to the jaw bone to look identical to a natural tooth at first. But it does not load the jaw bone like a natural tooth. Because of this the bone atrophies over time like a muscle that is not used and gradually wastes away. This is why bridge component are often clearly visible when people are laughing and talking.

With the dental implant, it is not necessary to grind down any teeth. The implant also retains the natural shape of the jaw bone. Implants imitate the anatomy of the natural tooth root, so the bone and gum are correctly loaded and shaped. No one will detect the tiny difference. Your new tooth is used in exactly the same way as its natural neighbors. You can take care of it in exactly the same way and it will stay in place permanently.


Dental implants for larger tooth gaps

If three or more teeth in a row are missing, you can decide to have an implant-borne bridge. In this solution the new crowns are linked together and – depending on the size of the gap- are placed on a stable and secure base of two or more implants.
After precise planning the new tooth roots are generally places in the jaw in one single treatment session. A temporary denture closes the gaps during the healing phase. After healing the final crowns or the bridge are permanently fixed to the implants. The titanium implants are artificial tooth roots that invisibly and securely support your new crowns. It is not necessary to grind health teeth and cover them with crowns and you will also not have to worry about the clasps. Your implant-borne teeth will be indistinguishable from your natural teeth: They look exactly the same, they feel exactly the same.

Dental implants for the edentulous jaw

If you do not have teeth at all in your upper or lower jaw, you will stil be able to laugh with dental implants. As few as two to four titanium dental implants will be enough to provide a firm base for a full denture. A bridge can be fixed to six implants. This will give you a high degree of security in every situation because nothing can come loose unexpectedly.

Your full denture is attached to the implants with special retainer systems, which consist of two components. One component is permanently attached to the implant, its counterpart is part of the denture. The components click together just like pressing a button. Your denture is firmly attached. For cleaning the dentures can be easily be removed and just as easily replaced after cleaning. If you wish, your denture can also be permanently attached to the implants. You will have a perfectly natural security that is very difficult or impossible to achieve with conventional prosthetics.

Implant-supported crowns are a naturally better solution because:

- Looks, feels and performs similar to your natural tooth
- Does not compromise your adjacent teeth to support a bridge
- Preserves surrounding bone (replaces tooth root)
- Preserves bone collapse and jaw line recession
- Oral care same as a natural tooth
- Restores a more secure biting ability than a removable denture
- Restores self-confidence and appearance

What are the main benefits of dental implants ?

- Maintain Anatomy: If you have missing teeth, the bone begins to shrink over time. Unhealthy, bone loss can make your jaw line recede and change your facial structure. Dental implants can help prevent deterioration of the jawbone so your face retains its natural shape.
- Keep your Healthy Teeth: A beter long-term alternative to bridgework, dental implants eliminate the need to grind down healthy teeth when replacing one or more adjacent teeth. Your own natural healthy teeth are not compromised.
- Security: Securely anchored dental implants do not slip or move. This eliminates some of the key problems of dentures, including poor fit, gum irritation and pain from exposed nerves. The result is superios comfort, reliability and freedom from embarrassment.


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