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How Does the Process Unfold?

The consultation is organized the day after arrival in the morning at around 10 am.  Patients are collected from their hotels half an hour before the consultation time. The consultation takes about 1-2 hrs. We cover every aspect of the operation and guide the patient towards making the right decision which will be obtaining the highest levels of satisfaction and improvement.

Our surgeons have a high command of English. No patient is expected to undergo surgery unless he or she is happy with the outcome of the consultation. Operations are planned to be performed at 1pm at the fully registered private Gazi Hospital. Patients are taken to the hospital two hours prior to the operation after the consultation to have the lab tests and chest scans completed. Lab tests involve platelet counts. TSH, T3. T4 and haematogrite counts.

All patients travelling on a single basis are accompanied by our English speaking private nurses, who will stay with them on the first night of the hospital stay. All patients stay in private en-suite rooms during their hospital stay. Patients are discharged from the hospital on the next day if having single procedures, after our surgeon has performed all necessary follow-up checks. Patients are provided with antibiotics and pain relief medication to use post-operatively. During the recuperation phase, follow-up checks are organized and the patients are collected from their accommodation half an hour before the appointment time. There are about 2-4 follow-up checks incorporated in the packages.


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